Celebrating Rocket Blast!

Yesterday, the Kona Ice truck pulled up to the Vaughan garden to help celebrate all 12 classes that reached their third level incentive ($50 raised per student) during Rocket Blast!
Congratulations to the following classes who received their Kona Ice Party!
Mrs. Dwornitiski
Ms. Maxwell
Ms. Pitzel
Mrs. Porter
Mrs. Babcock
Mrs. Morgan
Mrs. Wills
Mrs. Koch
Mrs. Sieracki
Mrs. Mushegan
Mrs. Perkins
Mrs. Southern
Ms. Pitzel’s class was the top earner in the whole school for the second year in a row and raised $1,853!! Wow!!

As a BONUS, Dr. McGill promised to dress up in a crazy outfit if the whole school raised over $22,500.  Since we blew past that challenge, Dr. McGill greeted everyone in carline dressed like this….

What an amazing end to our fundraiser!  We are so proud to be
Vaughan Rockets and belong to such a wonderful school!!

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