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Vaughan Elementary and the Vaughan PTSA are proud to announce
The Third Annual Vaughan Rocket Blast Fundraiser!

What is the Vaughan Rocket Blast fundraiser?

Rocket Blast is Vaughan’s own fundraiser similar to other fundraisers we have conducted in the past.  However, instead of soliciting sponsors and support for running laps, you will work with your student(s) to contact as many family and friends as you can and ask them to support your student(s) in the completion of fun, creative obstacles, our “Rocket Blast”.   This fundraiser will last for approximately two weeks beginning with a Pep Rally and concluding with the “Rocket Blast” event.  During these 2 weeks, we ask that you work with your child(ren) to donate to the school’s “Rocket Blast” efforts.  No door to door soliciting.

 Unlike other programs:

  • 99% of the funds raised will be retained by Vaughan Elementary and the Vaughan PTSA, and will go toward classroom and curriculum enhancements, new iPads for the school, STEM materials, teacher support, and other enrichment programs to support of our school.
  • There will be no individual material prizes. Students will work together for classroom incentives (i.e. a variety of class parties, homework passes, etc.).
  • There will be no classroom interruptions. The focus of the two weeks will be on teamwork.
  • Our school’s Administration will also set incentives for those students who raise a certain level of support, which will be calculated on our 2 count days, August 25 and August 31. These incentives will be announced to the students (and you) closer to the fundraiser kick-off.

 Here’s how it works:

  • Students will participate in a Vaughan Rocket Blast Kick-Off Pep Rally on Tuesday, August 22.
  • Students bring home their donation/collection envelopes on Tuesday, August 22. The envelopes provide all necessary information and instructions for soliciting support and collecting moneys raised.  There will also be an option for you, friends and family to donate online through PayPal.
  • You will have approximately 10 days to contact family, friends, businesses, etc. for donations.
  • There will be 2 days during the two weeks that PTSA will gather the envelopes and count how much has been raised. The totals calculated on these 2 days will go towards the students receiving their classroom incentives – Friday, August 25 and Thursday, August 31.  If the predetermined classroom goals are met, the students will participate in a classroom reward.  Please return the collection envelopes on these two days.  If they are not returned, your support raised will not count towards the classroom incentive count for that day.
  • Finally, on Friday, September 1, students will participate in the Rocket Blast. We will let you know when your student(s) grade does the Rocket Blast so you can come out and cheer them on!
  • All donations and collection envelopes will be due on Thursday, August 31. We will, of course, accept money after this date, but this is the deadline to be included in the final classroom total.  Classroom totals are the basis for how much money will be given directly to each teacher/classroom to utilize for purchasing classroom items.

Lastly, as a way of promoting team spirit for the Rocket Blast event, you have an optional opportunity to purchase a grade level t-shirt for your student(s).  Shirts are $5 each and is an easy and inexpensive way to purchase a Vaughan Spirit Wear shirt.  If you choose not to purchase this shirt, no worries – your child can wear a shirt of their class designated color on the day of Rocket Blast.

If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please feel free to reach out to your PTSA Executive Committee.

Thank you so much for your support of this fundraiser.  In 2016, we raised over $27,000 thanks to you!!!  Our 2017 Rocket Blast goal is $30,000.  Together, I know we can make it happen!

We know that with your help, Rocket Blast will be a success, support our school and ultimately our students.

Thank you!

Your 2017-2018 Vaughan PTSA Executive Committee

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